dashrava (0rava)


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The developer of Mutilate a Doll 2 and 1.


dashrava (known as 0rava on Kongregate) first started flash animating, and making animations, but soon moved on to coding games.

The 'prototype' to Mutilate a Doll 1, Demolition X was one of his first games, and uses the Box2D engine, a engine that he still uses today.

After Demoliton X, he created a sandbox ragdoll game called Mutilate a Doll , which over the years gained popularity and had various updates.

He started to make a game called Mutilate a Doll: Revamped, which became so different (and so much better) that it became its own sequel, Mutilate a Doll 2, which he still updates to this day.


This is a list of what games dashrava has made.

Flash Games

  • Demolition X
  • Mutilate a Doll
  • Mutilate a Doll 2




  • Dashrava has only smilied once on his twitch stream, due to a bug which causes the branches in the Jungle Enviroment to float in mid-air. Nicknamed by his streamers, "flying branches."
  • Dashrava is a very community induced developer. He does frequent FAQ's with his fans, and even participated in a forum game where people collaborated on a single item.
  • Dashrava has two cats, named Sulo and Pyry.
  • Dashrava's name came from the Finnish word for squirrel, orava. According to the developer himself, he was thinking for a nickname when he was playing Soldat when he noticed a squirrel. The name stuck to him ever since