Environments customize the game by adding decorations and effects.

Types of Environments

There are 16 types of environments in the game so far.

Lab - Default

Normal Lab


Wide Lab - Wider than usual

Wide Lab

High Lab - Higher than usual

High Lab

Mega Lab - Wider and higher than usual

Mega Lab

Moon - Rocky, stars and low gravity


Tiny Planet - Dodecagon that has gravitational pull to represent a planet


Desert - Hot, rocky and filled with sunshine and palm trees


Woodland - Filled with trees and sunshine


Glacier - Frozen Wasteland with Icicles


Snow - Filled with snowballs and hills


Sky - Cloudy, rainy and sunny


Jungle - Two really high trees, pricky bushes and vines


Cave - Narrow corridor with stalactites and stalagmites


Volcanic - Beside a Volcano with ashes and rocks everywhere


Blood - Hellish Bloodpit


Poison - Filled with poisonous gases

we need an image

Environment Setting

  • Gravity - Changes the gravity of the current environment.
    • Changing the gravity in the Tiny Planet environment will not change the gravity of the planet, but changes the gravity pulling up or down instead.
  • Climate - Changes the temperture of the current environment.
    • This used to be simply called "Temperature", but was replaced in the Effect patch.
  • Wind - Changes the amount of force being used to pull items left or right.
  • Seed - Randomizes static items built in with the environment.

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