Powers are special (Blank)s that enable the player to do things that normally only weapons/nothing can do.

Here's the list of Powers in MaD 2, currently:

  • Adrenaline - causes temporary hyperactivity in alive items.
  • Arc - shoots a damaging ray of plasma.
  • Bee - shoots non-NPC bee's that damage the ragdoll and give it bee stings.
  • Blast - shoots an explosive that destroys anything.
  • Blight - imbues alive items with a violent blight, causing them to burst.
  • Bling - turns items into valuables.
  • Blunt - summons a boxing glove that knocks out ragdolls.
  • Bubble - makes bubbles which cleans any item.
  • Bullet - shoots bullets which damage ragdolls.
  • Concuss - makes ragdolls "sleep" for a few seconds.
  • Death - causes a ragdoll to die.
  • Dispel - removes status effects such as ice,fire and so on.
  • Drain - drains ragdolls of their blood. When used for a while, the ragdoll's body-parts disappear in blood.
  • Droner - converts nearby items into various Drones randomly.
  • Flame - causes ragdolls to get set on fire. They then disappear in smoke after the time has passed.
  • Frost - causes objects to freeze, making them easier to shatter.
  • Gasoline - throws gasoline which makes things easy to burn.
  • Glue - makes objects sticky.
  • Gravity - makes the objects gravity more heavy.
  • Heal - heals ragdolls.
  • Landslide - spawns falling heavy rocks.
  • Laser - shoots lasers that cuts ragdolls
  • Levity - causes objects to levitate.
  • Napalm - violently burns any item.
  • Noise - generates a silent but deadly noise.
  • Paint - throws paint that paint's objects.
  • Pierce - conjures piercing projectiles.
  • Poison - causes ragdolls to slowly die.
  • Powder - causes ragdolls to disappear in powder.
  • Radiation - damages nearby items. Spreads radioactivity.
  • Random - shoots an random power.
  • Rend - cuts ragdolls.
  • Ricochet - conjures a ball that bounces on impact.
  • Sharp - summons throwing stars.
  • Shock - shoots electric that shocks ragdolls.
  • Shockwave - generates a shocking pulse.
  • Snare - makes ragdolls unable to stand and slowly kills them.
  • Stasis - makes objects unable to move.
  • Steam - produces cutting steam.
  • Tidal - sprays high speed waves of water.
  • Toxic - sprays acid.
  • Void - sucks any objects towards it.
  • Water - throws water that cleans objects, thaws out frozen objects and puts out fire.
  • Wind - makes gusts that knocks back objects.

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