The Properties is when a player is able to edit the properties of a specific item.


It is a gray, square icon that has a red checkmark.


Usually, a specific item has no properties, even if it can burn or freeze other items. However, its sole purpose is to give a specific item more properties like adding a burning effect to a Sword, for example.

Here are the following categories of properties and the properties themselves:

  • Basic: Give your item a basic property.
    • Alive: Makes your item alive.
    • Sharp: Makes your item sharp.
    • Dull: Can't cut, even if sharp. Can be used to disable the sharp property on default sharp items.
    • Sticky: Sticks to other items.
    • Brittle: Breaks apart on hard collision.
    • Unbreakable: Makes your item impossible to break.
    • Vanilla: Spawns the item without any other properties.
    • Breakable: Makes your item easy to break.
    • Explosive: Explodes on collision.
    • Implosive: Implodes on collision.
    • Flammable: Flames.
  • Physics + Graphics: Adds some physics and/or graphics to a specific item.
    • Antigravity: Negative gravity.
    • Zerogravity: No gravity.
    • Ghost: Only collides with static items.
    • Stainless: Disables all visual effects on your item.
    • Invisible: Not visible, whether it's paused or not.
    • Sleep: Makes your item sleep.
    • Fixed rotation: Cannot rotate.
  • Collision: Applies status effects. to other items on hit.
    • Cleaning: Cleans an item.
    • Critting: Pulps alive items, randomly.
    • Deleting: Deletes other items.
    • Dispelling: Removes status effects from an item.
    • Draining: Drains blood.
    • Flaming: Flames other items.
    • Freezing: Freezes other items.
    • Gusting: Gusts other items.
    • Healing: Heals other items.
    • Hyping: Hypes.
    • Janitoring: Destroys cut items.
    • Killing: Kills alive items.
    • Poisoning: Poisons other items.
    • Relaying: Toggles trigger on linked items.
    • Rending: Cuts other items significantally.
    • Suspending: Applies statis.
    • Shocking: Applies shock.
    • Transferring: Copies all resists and collides of other items.
    • Transmuting: Turns an item into another, randomly.
    • Triggering: Toggles trigger.
  • Resists: Resists status effects.
    • Resist concuss: Resists on temporarily concussing.
    • Resist dispel: Resists removal of status effects.
    • Resist drain: Resists from draining blood.
    • Resist flame: Resists from burning.
    • Resist freeze: Resists from freezing.
    • Resist gusting: Resists from being blown away.
    • Resist healing: Resists health recovering.
    • Resist killing: Resists alive items from being killed.
    • Resist poisoning: Resists from being poisoned.
    • Resist shocking: Resists from being shocked.

Note: The game gets laggier the more properties you add.


  • It is located in the Spawn section.
  • Its icon was modified in March 31.